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Highlighting for beginners

2 Min Read Friday 26th July 2013

Pencils at the ready!

Reflect the light with Sienna X essential make up products.

Enhance your tan by using our clever selection of gorgeous Illuminating Pencils. You’ll receive three pencils in gold, silver and bronze that can be applied over the face and body to add depth, definition and shine.

So where to start? You’re already glowing with a Sienna X fake tan, which means you’ve camouflaged your marks and scars and balanced out your uneven skin tone. Now’s the time to highlight and shade key areas of your face to create a sculpted finish. The aim is to create planes and contours by bringing some parts of the face forward, like the cheekbones.

Begin by applying a small amount of colour from your Illuminating Pencil kit to the peaks of your face  – those areas that would naturally catch the sunlight if you were outdoors – such as the cheekbones, brow bone, collarbone and straight down the centre of the nose. You may also want to add some highlighter around the jaw line and to your cupids bow to help your lips look fuller.

Finish off by adding a touch of bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks. Applying a bronzer against illuminated areas of the face will create a contoured look, helping your skin to appear fuller. You can accentuate and define to your heart’s content and create a different look for every day of the week.

For an extra touch of glamour why not spritz your skin and your hair with Sienna X Shimmer Spray? Available in gold and silver, this easy-to-use product is perfect for jazzing up an outfit and adding some sparkle to your sunless tan.


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