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Heavenly skin hydration for a long lasting self-tan

2 Min Read Friday 15th July 2011

Proper hydration is a must for healthy skin and a lasting self-tan.

Hydrating skin tips to get a glowing self-tan that lasts and lasts. 

One of the easiest ways to get clear, dewy skin in an instant is to keep skin properly hydrated. After all, the epidermis of the skin is around 80 per cent water, so any dryness will result in flaky skin and your self-tan becoming patchy.

The balance of fluids in the skin is delicate and can be easily disrupted by lack of water, hormones, alcohol intake, excess salt in the diet or hot weather. Even those with oily skin will need to keep their skin exfoliated, hydrated and protected in order to provide the best possible base for sunless tanning products.

Water is not only essential to prevent dryness in the skin but it will also flush out toxins and help to clear the complexion. But how can you keep your skin well hydrated? Drinking between 5 to 8 glasses will help to boost the water content in the skin and will keep skin smooth in preparation for your self-tanning products.

Frequent moisturisation after bathing or showering will help to lock in moisture, especially if you have used an exfoliator. Avoid drying soaps by choosing a soap-free shower gel, such as the Sienna X face & body wash which is perfectly designed so that it won’t strip a sunless tan. Finally, apply your lotion or cream within 5 minutes of leaving the shower to help keep moisture in.

Over-cleansing is another enemy to hydrated skin with products such as astringent toners drying the skin out, so make sure you use these products in moderation. Keeping skin supple and nourished with a good skin care regime, regular exercise, a good diet and plenty of water will give you a glow from the inside out that is sure to maximise your tan.

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