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What to do about hairs that are left behind after waxing

4 Min Read Friday 15th September 2017

Stubborn, short hairs left behind after waxing aren’t much of a problem on areas like the eyebrows, upper lip and face. By giving hair a quick tweeze, any stragglers will be removed from the root of the skin ready to grow out for the next session.

However, it does become a bit trickier to handle those annoying hairs that remain behind after the legs, underarm or intimate areas have been waxed. This is because the surface area is too large to tweeze and can often be very painful to do so.

Leaving a customer unhappy with their wax can be disappointing for you when you take pride in your work.

We’re sharing our top tips to help you take control of the situation!

Educate your client about the growth cycle of body hair

It may seem like you’re sharing information they don’t want to know or find relevant, but knowledge goes a long way! When they arrive at your salon with hairs at the perfect length for waxing, it will be well worth the time.

Remember, if they’re too short the wax won’t grab them. On the other hand. If they’re too long or overgrown, repeated pulls of your strips will be required. This can feel uncomfortable and lead to bruising for your client.

To find out about the growth stage of hair waxing see here for more info on the hair growth cycle.

Teach first-time clients

Once you’ve shared the hair growth cycle, it’s a good idea to ask first-time clients to return two to four weeks after their appointment.

You can then wax any hairs that are on a different growth cycle, encouraging them to grow back at the same time as the rest. After that, every three to four weeks should be ideal for any follow up appointments.

Invest in a premium wax

We recommend opting for a waxing product that shrink wraps around each hair. Hair should adhere fully to your wax strip and be removed without any breakage; the Sienna X Wax Collection has this capability.

Poor quality wax can cause hairs to snap, leaving behind a blunt tip that feels rough to the touch. It can potentially create upset for your client and lower any expectations they may have of your business.

Check your wax has heated through properly

Sienna X Secret: any variety of wax won’t be as effective if it hasn’t been heated to the correct temperature.

Too cold will result in using more product, while too hot can cause injury to clients.

For Sienna X Wax, we recommend 63 degrees for both our hot and warm waxes. Use one of our Wax Heaters to get your wax to the right temperature.

Brush up on your technique

We completely understand – life gets busy, your appointment calendar is chock-a-block with back-to-back treatments and sometimes your technique slips. It’s only human, don’t worry!

Take a little time over your days off or evenings and really brush up on your waxing technique and knowledge to give the best treatment and experience to your clients. To build your confidence consider taking one our wax training courses to step up a level in your offering.

Trust us when we say that it’ll more than pay off sooner rather than later.

Remind clients not to shave between treatments

Take some time to remind and educate clients about refraining from shaving any hairs that are left behind following waxing.

This way, you’ll be able to give them a better-quality treatment and they’ll get better results. In turn, they will become a returning client with their next treatment always booked in. What a win!

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