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Get tanned in time for the heatwave

2 Min Read Wednesday 28th September 2011

Summer is making a comeback!

Get set for a warm weekend in the heart of Autumn.

Beaming sunshine and temperatures hotter than Hawaii have been forecast by weather experts for the next few days in many areas of the country. If you’re planning on heading to the beach to capitalise on these precious moments before the winter blues set in, getting a spray tan beforehand could boost your body confidence.

Spray tans take just ten minutes to apply and a few hours to develop, leaving you with lots of time to plan a weekend trip away and make the most of the sunny weather. They are also formulated to last for as long as possible, hydrate your skin and replenish lost moisture, making them a real beauty investment. You can even top-up your tan at home with easy-to-apply sprays and lotions that can be purchased in larger bottles or single-use sachets.

So what’s the science behind this unusual weather shift? Meteorologists say that the warmer winds that tend to circle Greece and Turkey around this time of year have been pushed across to Old Blighty. That means we get an extra little bit of summer on our doorstep and the chance to whisk out the floaty dresses, vest tops and gladiator sandals that we’d banished to the back of our wardrobes until next year.

Colourful outfits look amazing against sun kissed skin and with the perfect combination of complimentary make up and accessories you will be the belle of the beach.

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