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Why get half a leg wax?

2 Min Read Monday 1st October 2018

Not everyone needs a full leg wax. Here are some reasons why a half leg wax treatment that covers only the bottom half of your legs might be right up your street:

  • Perhaps you’re new to waxing and want to try a half leg wax to see if you can manage it? Only hair from the ankle to the top of the knee is removed so it makes a brilliant ‘taster treatment’.
  • Clients with fine, blonde hair often get half a leg wax because their hair growth is very light and sparse over the thigh area and bikini line; they simply don’t need to wax above the knee regularly or skip it altogether.
  • Hair growth on younger clients and teenagers tends to have a finer/downy texture above the knee, which isn’t as visible as the hair on their calves and shins. As they age and their hormones change they may find that the hair on their thighs become darker and they will probably experience greater hair growth that requires more frequent waxing treatments. This is especially true for clients nearing menopause and beyond.
  • Does you hair grow faster on your calves than your thighs? An occasional half leg wax treatment sandwiched between regular full leg waxes will give the hair on your thighs plenty of time to grow and therefore maximise smoothness for when it does come time for a full treatment.
  • Finally, a half leg wax is cheaper than a full leg wax so it’s brilliant if you’re on a budget. Plus, at this time of year our pins tend to be kept under wraps more often as our summer dresses, shorts and mini skirts are replaced with big boots, woolly tights and jeans — there’s less of a need to get a full-on wax as we hibernate towards December.

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