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Forget contouring, it's all about the 'tantour'

3 Min Read Friday 2nd October 2015

Already a firm favourite of the beauty world, contouring has been splashed across the press for some time now. But for those of you not yet up to speed with the art of the contour, fear not, a new trend is taking over and it’ll be right up your street… “tantouring”.

Currently making waves across social media, “tantouring” is an easy way to achieve an all over flawless, skin-perfecting contour, using sunless tanning products that will also leave you with a subtle glow perfect for the party season. But just how easy is it to do? Can we achieve this look with our tanning products at home?

The answer is yes! Just follow these quick and easy steps for an effortless tantour ready for your big night out:

Firstly, remember you are using your tanning product like a sculptor. The Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse is perfect for this as you can apply as much or as little as you like. On the face apply your tan using a tanning mitt, so that it is slightly darker under the cheekbone to create more definition and contrast. Once the tan develops and you have washed this off, apply a light sweep of bronzer over the cheekbones. The Sienna X Cream to Powder Bronzer & Illuminator is perfect for this as a complimentary shade. You can also use the Sienna X Bronze Pencil (from our Illuminating Pencil Trio) to really define the cheekbones, by drawing a line directly under the cheekbone, then blend. Pop a little of the Illuminator on the highest point of the cheekbone to add a shimmery highlight.

Next, define your legs by sculpting a sleek, dark finish. For a glowing base to last you the season, apply an even layer of Sienna X Dark Glowing Self Tan over the legs using gloves or a tanning mitt. Remember to blend with a little moisture around the ankles, knees and feet to make sure you get a natural-looking colour.

When you’re ready for your “tantour’ glow, moisturise legs generously to prime the skin ready for that tantour application. Using your tanning mitt again, smooth on a little Sienna X Instant Bronzing Gel. This will darken and define the legs and leave them with a delicate sheen. You can apply as much or as little as you like as the colour is buildable, it evens out imperfections, hides stretch marks and conceals veins as well as helping to give a more toned and defined finish.

Once you’re in your party dress, grab a large bronzer brush and sweep a little more Sienna X Cream to Powder Bronzer & Illuminator over the chest and top of the cleavage. Follow with a delicate touch of the Illuminator across collar bones, for that perfectly contoured glow.

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Happy tantouring! 


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