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Flaunt that holiday hue

2 Min Read Friday 23rd August 2013

Look your best for the three day weekend.

Sunless tan can add vibrancy to your skin and pep to your holiday.

Hear that? It’s the sound of the three day weekend lovingly asking you to jump on the merry Bank Holiday bandwagon. Make sure your skin is looking gorgeously golden for the ride by treating yourself to a sun-kissed tan.

The next 72 hours of freedom are set to be much warmer than last year’s August Bank Holiday weekend with temperatures expected to rise to 27C. Don’t miss the chance to flaunt your summer wardrobe and your bronzed skin before it’s too late; who knows how long this fantastic summer will last?

Burnished skin looks beautiful against sleeveless dresses, shorts and t-shirts, allowing you to feel ultra cool, feminine and radiant even when it’s sizzling outside.

A Sienna X spray tan takes just 15 minutes to apply and lasts for up to a week so if you head to your nearest salon today you’ll look like a bronzed belle well beyond the Bank Holiday.

If you don’t have time to visit a salon you can use fake tan at home to create the same effect. Gradual Glowing Self Tan can be applied like a moisturiser and doesn’t need to be washed off, making it a great alternative when you want to look lightly tanned but can only put in minimal effort. For a faster finish use Instant Bronzing Gel, which doesn’t need to develop on the skin at all. Your skin will look tanned in seconds and once the day is over you can simply wash it off in the shower.


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