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Finding your 'forever' tanning therapist

2 Min Read Friday 24th October 2014

Choose Sienna X tanning salons to guarantee a professional service.

Our tans are available across the UK.

Creatures of habit, we all like to find a hairdresser and beautician that we can build a long-lasting relationship with. And it’s the same with fake tanning – the right therapist will understand how your skin reacts to different tanning solutions, make you feel comfortable in the tanning booth and create a stunning colour that suits your complexion.

But what do you do when work or family necessity forces you to relocate and leave your beloved tanning therapist behind?

No matter whether you’re looking for a spray tan in Edinburgh or Glasgow to a spray tan in Manchester or London, we’ve got the solution to making your search for a new tanning salon as foolproof as possible. Use our therapist locator to find a salon that uses Sienna X products to guarantee that you receive an unrivalled service from a professional even if you’re moving as far as Bristol to Aberdeen.

The tanning therapists we train go through the same teaching program, which gives them the skill and confidence to create golden, sculpted tans using our industry-leading solutions. They perfect a selection of tanning techniques in our specially adapted tanning studio and leave the session with a greater knowledge of current tanning trends and styles, ensuring that every tan they produce looks flawless from every angle.

Each therapist gains a bronze, silver or gold level certificate to highlight their level of expertise. So if you spot a Sienna X certification symbol on their salon window, posters or leaflets you’ll know they’ve been trained by the best: you can trust them to care for your skin.


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