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Prepping for the Festive Beauty Season

3 Min Read Thursday 17th November 2022

Get ready for the festive beauty season with our top tips to keep you booked up. At Sienna X, we love the party season, it’s a time to make everybody feel confident and glamorous.

Now is the perfect moment to consider creating seasonal beauty packages to capture the festive mood and celebratory spirit of the holiday season.

Twilight Nights

Open up your salon in the evenings and deck it out with festive decorations, free glasses of bubbly, and snacks to encourage a relaxed, festive mood. Put together goody bags with inexpensive bits and pieces like chocolate treats. Consider flexible opening hours to try and meet all your customer requirements. Split your evenings to carry out specific beauty treatments.   Be as flexible as possible with your timings to squeeze extra clients in and you’ll make a killing, especially if your rival salons follow strict 9-5 hours. Offer something that no one else is providing and fill that niche!

Divine December Duos

Promote paired offerings where clients get two treatments for a special price. For example, if they book them together; a pre-Crimbo and pre-New Year tan will guarantee that their skin looks gorgeously golden for the entirety of party season and beyond. Book a wax the week before a tan, to ensure a smooth glowing finish.

Start promoting pronto. 

Visit our business centre to access promotional tools, like posters and leaflets, that you can use today. It’s never too early to prep! Give your clients a gentle nudge via your social media channels, website, texts and email service to remind them of the fabulous positives of spray tanning. Get the word out now to bag the benefits later.

Leave a lasting Impression

Stock up on Gift Sets to offers your clients. Utilise our ready-made gift sets or create unique exclusive bundles for your loyal clients. Use your imagination and give each bundle a fresh, attractive name to draw people in. Make every package sound like a luxurious treat and you’re bound to experience a rise in sales.

Stock up and test out.

Order your essentials in advance to guarantee you have plenty of supplies to meet demand. Take advantage of upcoming Black Friday and festive sales. While you’re ordering your supplies, test all your equipment. Have you got lots of tanning bookings- why not order a spare gun for a faster turnaround between clients, or invest in a backup machine for emergencies?

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