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Feel confident in your skin with spray tanning

2 Min Read Wednesday 17th August 2011

Many spray tanning devotees have reported feeling their body confidence soar after topping up their tan.

Pamper your skin and supercharge your self-image with a professional spray tanning treatment. 

Whatever your body shape, a spray tan can give you that extra boost of confidence to help you feel good in your skin. Looking beautiful is about feeling beautiful and spray tanning is a great way to mimic those feelings of happiness we associate with relaxing times spent in the sun.

But why risk sun damage when a Sienna X spray tan can work its magic in just 10 minutes? Spray tanning can help you feel beautiful from top to toe with no effort required!

Bronzed skin can make you feel more body confident and many spray tanning fans even feel slimmer following a session. Adding a golden tan to your limbs can make arms and legs appear endless and the precision application of a spray tanning gun can also be used to contour the body and add definition.

A spray tan makes the skin look healthy and gives it a radiant glow, so even if you feel tired or stressed, your skin won’t show it. What is more, Sienna X spray tanning solutions are packed with natural ingredients that can provide nourishing antioxidants, conditioning vitamins and natural oils to help moisturise, tone and even reduce the appearance of cellulite.

With plenty of exfoliation required before your spray tan and lots of moisturisation afterwards, spray tanning gives you that extra incentive to keep your skin smooth and beautiful.


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