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Fastest salon spray tan: Tonight's the Night rapid tanner

2 Min Read Friday 19th December 2014

A salon tan that takes 2-4 hours to develop and lasts for 5 days.

The ideal option for a last-minute tan this Christmas.

Not all professional tans take all day to develop. We’ve created a super quick tanner that takes a maximum of four hours to take effect, which is half the time it takes for a regular tanning solution to work its magic.

Tonight’s the Night rapid tanner is our secret weapon for party season – get a morning treatment, which takes about 30 minutes from start to finish, and flaunt your golden skin by that very same afternoon. This will give you more time to wrap your presents, prepare the turkey and choose a glamorous outfit for the big day without worrying about staining everything in sight with a guide colour that still hasn’t developed.

The solution is applied in the same way as any other tanner and the fast acting formulation will create a caramel-coloured tan on the skin that lasts up to a five days. The guide colour takes just 2 hours to develop on lighter skin tones but those with darker complexions should leave the solution on for 4 hours in total to achieve a beautifully burnished glow.

Moisturise your skin everyday to extend the life of your tan and ensure that it looks evenly sun-kissed for every upcoming festive party. And when your colour does begin to gradually fade off you can top it up at home with Gradual Glowing Self Tan. This tanner lends the skin a subtle hint of colour that perfectly complements the wintry season. It’s textured like an ordinary moisturiser and can be applied in the same way as any other body lotion.¬†A golden tan will develop on your skin over the course of the day, helping to revive your existing colour. Better yet, there’s no need to wash off any of the product. Simple!

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