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Fake tanning tips for pale skin

2 Min Read Wednesday 10th April 2013

Calling all porcelain beauties and ivory heroines; why not become a golden goddess this Summer?

Who’s the fairest of them all?

Creating natural looking fake tans has always been the name of the game at sienna X headquarters. And we can happily report that our industry-leading products are perfect for adding a sun-kissed finish to the skin that looks as close to the real thing as possible.

If you’ve been blessed with porcelain skin you may be on the lookout for a sunless tan that enhances, rather than masks, your natural hue. Here are a couple of ideas on the types of sienna X products that are ideal for those of you that want to add a touch of colour to your English rose complexion to match the mellow start of a British Summer:

1. Touche de Soleil spray tan. This fantastic addition to the sienna X range was launched last year and has rocketed up the sunless tanning charts to become a firm fixture on the treatment list of many tanning salons. This 6% solution lends a gentle colour to the skin, leaving behind a beautiful glow that complements lighter skin tones. The added bonus is that this type of spray tan will balance out any uneven patches of colour but allow the beauty of your natural freckles to shine through too.

2. Gradual Glowing Self Tan. Want to look golden without the hassle of visiting the tanning salon? This product is superb for achieving that gorgeous glow in a matter of hours. Combining aloe vera and cocoa butter, this self tan cleverly moisturises and smooths the skin whilst gradually colouring the top layer of skin cells. You can build up the colour to create a darker finish if you wish, giving you the power to create a tailored tan that suits your look and your lifestyle.

Need some application guidance? Check out our how-to guide right here.

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