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Fake tanning after waxing

2 Min Read Friday 29th August 2014

Waxing is a great way to exfoliate the skin.

Remove unwanted hair and exfoliate your skin in a single waxing treatment before getting a tan.

The effects of waxing and sugaring last far longer than other types of hair removal, like shaving and epilating, making it a popular beauty treatment for both men and women. However, waxing is also great for preparing the skin for a spray tan because it’s a superb exfoliator.

Unlike shaving, waxing removes hair from the root, which means it can take anything from¬†4-6 weeks for it to grow back, rather than just a day or two. It’s a great exfoliating tool because it removes the dead skin cells on the top surface of the skin along with any unwanted hair.

And why is exfoliating so important before a tanning treatment? Like most tans, Sienna X self tanner will only adhere to the uppermost cells of the skin and will not be absorbed deeper into the epidermis. As your skin cells begin to flake off and regenerate, your tan will fade. So the fresher the skin cells are to begin with, the longer your tan will last.

If you’re combining your waxing treatment with a spray tan remember that timing is key!¬†Try to wait at least a day after waxing before you get your spray tan to ensure that your pores have closed up. If you apply tanner immediately after waxing you might find that the final result looks a bit patchy, uneven or dotty.

About 24 hours will give your skin plenty of time to recover from waxing and will guarantee that you’ve created the perfect, smooth base for your sunless tanner to stick to. The product will glide on effortlessly and the golden effects will last for up to, or even beyond, a week if you moisturise daily.

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