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Eyebrow waxing aftercare tips

2 Min Read Friday 26th April 2019

Maintain those beautiful just-waxed brows with our simple tips:

  1. Avoid applying eye make up, using exfoliator or other cosmetics around your brow area after your treatment.
  2. Don’t touch your freshly-waxed brows — the oil from your fingertips could cause spots while your skin is in a sensitive state.
  3. Wait at least 24 hours before using self tanner on your face to prevent a patchy finish. Your skin needs time to get back to normal before you apply any product on your brows.
  4. Steer clear of swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms on the day of your treatment in the same way as you would if you’d had a bikini line wax or leg wax.
  5. Don’t mess with your eyebrow shape in-between treatments. Feel free to tweeze stray hairs on the very edges of your brows but steer clear of the arch to avoid over-plucking or accidentally altering the general structure of your eyebrows.
  6. Always brush your brows up and out using a spoolie. Gently combing the brows into shape before you fill in gaps will make it easier to see where you might need to draw in pencil/pomade marks.
  7. Use this brilliant eyebrow pencil to fill in gaps, add texture and create the illusion of a fuller brow if you feel you need some extra oomph. It’s available in three colours so there’s a shade to suit everyone.
  8. Set your eyebrows after you’ve shaped them with the fab gel that comes on the other end of the pencil. It promotes hair growth and fixes each hair into place for the entire day.
  9. If your brows grow quickly you can trim, rather than tweeze, them to maintain a neater shape until your next treatment.

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