Eyebrow tinting troubleshooting - your every question answered

3 Min Read Friday 7th February 2020

Here are some answers to the most common questions beauty therapists ask about eyebrow tinting:

Why is my eyebrow tint not taking on grey hair?
Grey hairs simply take longer to tint than coloured hairs. The best solution to combating this problem is to leave the eyebrow tint on a bit longer and check if the colour has taken rather than blaming it on your tint colour and developer.

How long should I leave eyebrow tint on grey hairs?
Leave the tint on for one to five minutes and check. If the colour is deep enough, wipe away the excess product and continue as normal. If the colour is yet to take, leave it on for a bit longer but check it frequently to guarantee you don’t accidentally darken the hairs too much.

What should I do if eyebrow tint gets on my client’s skin?
Use a clean q-tip to wipe any tint off the skin to ensure you don’t stain the area around the brows. Some therapists like to apply a touch of petroleum jelly to the skin before they begin to protect it from the tint. It acts as a physical barrier to the colour, can be wiped away at the end of the treatment and doesn’t leave any residue behind. You can also use this brilliant stain tint remover if you need to.

What should I use to apply eyebrow tint to brows?
An eyebrow tint applicator brush is perfect for the job. The fine tip gives you total control over application and means you can cover each hair precisely.

Should I do a client patch test for eyebrow tinting?
It’s good practice to do a patch test to safeguard your client and your salon from any adverse or unexpected reactions to the products you plan on using. Patch tests are often a necessity to ensuring your insurance is valid too.

Should I tint or shape the brows first?
Always tint first and shape later.

What’s the most popular eyebrow tint colour?
A natural or dark brown tends to be one of the most popular eyebrow tint colours. However, remember you can blend your tints to customise each colour to your client’s wishes and complexion giving you heaps of colour options.

Why has my eyebrow tint stopped working?
Check the products haven’t expired and that the ratio of tint colour and developer you have used is correct.

Where can I find eyebrow shaping and tinting courses for professionals?
Sienna X has a fantastic one day course on eyebrow services, including eyebrow waxing and brow tinting. Click here to find the next one near you.

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