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Essential accessories for your tanning treatments

2 Min Read Wednesday 13th April 2011

Your guide to the handy accessories that can help you get a fantastic fake tan.

It’s not just about having a great fake tanning formula – a range of handy accessories can help you to get the perfect tan every time.

When you’re preparing for your sunless tanning treatment, whether at home or at the spray tanning salon, there are a few extra accessories that can make life a lot easier.

Any professional tanning therapist will have a range of extra accessories in their kit to assist with application and it is worth taking a leaf out of their book when tanning in the comfort of your own home.

If you are using a self-tan formula, make sure your hair is swept away from the face with a headband. Disposable hats are often used to protect the hair before spray tan is applied, with special care taken to cover fair hair and avoid colour transfer.

Your spray tanning technician will often wear disposable latex gloves to protect their hands and they are a fake tanning must-have if you are thinking about applying self tanning lotion yourself. This will prevent your palms from picking up colour and eliminates the need to wash your hands frequently during application.

It is always advisable to avoid using your best white towels, particularly after showering off your guide colour as some may transfer. Keeping some dark coloured towels handy for your tanning applications is a great way to prevent any laundry dilemmas.

Sticky feet are adhesive foot protectors which allow you to protect the soles of your feet during your spray tan without leaving white marks. Sometimes it’s the little extras that can make all the difference, so make like a tanning professional with your essential tanning accessories!

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