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Does waxing remove coarse hair?

2 Min Read Tuesday 31st October 2017

Peach fuzz, super fine, curly, straight, thick or stubborn; waxing removes all varieties and textures of hair growth from the root. However, the stronger and coarser your hair, the likelier it is that your treatment might take a little bit longer to complete.

A repeat wax may be required over areas of thicker hair growth with a higher concentration of strands, for example on the bikini line, so your therapist may reapply an additional layer of wax to encourage a smoother finish. The end result is exactly the same — 100% fuzz-free skin that feels softer and gentler to the touch.

Premium Sienna X waxes ‘shrink wrap’ around each strand of hair so that even the coarsest shafts can be pulled out from the root in a swift movement without breakages. This ensures slower regrowth because each hair has to grow again from scratch with a new follicle. Plus, when the hair begins to reappear (usually about 3-4 weeks later) it feels softer and finer, rather than stubbly and sharp, so you’re not left battling with itchy regrowth in intimate areas.

If you feel self conscious about coarse hair growth bear it in mind that your therapist has seen it all! Leave your embarrassment at the door and rest assured that with each repeat treatment you’ll be working towards sparser and finer hair growth.

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