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Does tinting your eyebrows sting?

2 Min Read Tuesday 12th March 2019

Tinting is brilliant for adding instant texture, depth and thickness to your eyebrows. A tint ‘grabs’ those lighter, fine hairs at the tail end of your brows and darkens them so they show up more. Plus, the right shade of tint will make it look like any gaps along your arches have been filled in with colour so they appear heavier and denser, allowing you to bypass your eyebrow pencil for up to six weeks at a time.

The whole process takes about 15 minutes from applying the tint and allowing it to develop to wiping it off and revealing your new colour beneath.

Tinting shouldn’t hurt or cause a stinging sensation on your skin. It’s just like dying the hair on your head. However, some sensitive skin types or people who are on certain medications that cause the skin to thin in some areas may be more susceptible to discomfort. You might also be at risk of a reaction if you’ve already shown reactions to hair dyes and eyelash tints before.

Go for a patch test before you try tinting for the first time to rule out the risk of any adverse effects. A quick test will highlight any reactions and allergies that you might have to the ingredients in your tint before you go for a full-on application.

Remember you should never go for an eyebrow tint if your skin is broken, irritated or cut in the same way as you’d avoid waxing, threading, facials and massages. Always wait for your skin to heal before tinting again and try to get new patch test if your beauty salon starts using a new brand.

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