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How often should I tint my eyebrows?

2 Min Read Friday 11th January 2019

An eyebrow tint can last up to six weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows. The colour will gradually fade and some hairs will naturally fall out at the end of their growth cycle. As a result, quick touch-ups are part of the process. Regular professional tints will help you to maintain a consistent colour and ensure your eyebrows always look uniform.

A darker tint makes your brows look fuller and adds texture to thinner ends. If your natural hair colour is very light, tinting is great for highlighting those finer hairs that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to see very well. It’s the ideal option if your brow growth is sparse and you want them to appear fuller. Thankfully, this saves resorting to expensive longer-term treatments like microblading, or drawing individual hairs in with an eyebrow brush and pomade. Moreover, the extra definition from tinting frames and lifts your face. It also brightens your eyes and accentuates your existing browline.

Nowadays, tints come in a variety of colours and can be mixed to create a customised shade just for you. That means there’s no need to be worried about your brows looking too dark or overdone. All you need to finish off your look is a swipe of clear eyebrow gel to set each hair in place. Sienna X Sculpting Brow Pencil + Fixing Serum is a dual-ended precision product with a long-lasting formula.

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