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Does fake tan work on dark skin tones?

2 Min Read Tuesday 27th June 2017

Is it pointless to use fake tan on dark skin tones? Believe it or not but sunless tanner has a surprisingly positive effect on darker complexions. Although the results aren’t as sharp¬†as they are on fairer skin types, tanning does lend darker skin a noticeable glow.

Here are 6 benefits to fake tanning for people with darker skin tones:

  1. Tanner adds a gentle luminescent sheen to the skin that balances out uneven patches of colour.
  2. A sun-kissed tan mimics the sheer coverage of a light foundation, lending the skin a natural-looking radiance.
  3. Darker fake tan camouflages scars and blemishes, just like a concealer, giving the skin a lightly airbrushed appearance.
  4. When applied over the chest, arms and torso, it also accentuates the muscle tone and defines the waist.
  5. Sienna X tanners are formulated with skin-conditioning ingredients that moisturise and nourish particularly dry skin (a common complaint among those with darker complexions because dead skin cells appear paler and greyer against their black skin). Moisturising ashy areas, like the elbows and ankles, regularly will make a fake tan last longer too.
  6. Want to hide cellulite or pregnancy stretch marks? A fake tan combats that ‚Äòorange-peel’ effect and reduces the appearance of dimples over the thighs and legs. As mentioned above, dark skin has a natural tendency to become drier and therefore less elastic, making it more susceptible to developing stretch marks after pregnancy, puberty and periods of weight gain — fake tan helps to cover up those marks as they fade.

Sleep Self Tanning Lotion is a rich tanner that perfectly complements the natural beauty of black and Asian skin tones. Use our ‘tan finder tool’ to help you select the perfect Sienna X tanner whatever your skin type and colour.

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