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Do you have to take foundation off before a spray tan?

2 Min Read Friday 10th February 2017

Yes! Always remove your foundation and any other make-up, including blusher, concealer and eye liner, before you get a spray tan.

Here’s why:

Tanning solution darkens the cells on the top surface of the skin. Make-up acts as a barrier to the tanning agents in the solution and dilutes their effect, leading to a patchy finish.

Cleansing the skin before a tanning treatment results in a balanced tan that looks uniform from head to toe. Removing all traces of make-up in advance also makes it easier for your therapist to create a seamless colour match between your face and body.

Most salons have cleansing wipes available if you haven’t been able to remove your foundation before your treatment. Wipe away your concealer, blusher, lipstick and eye-make up before finally washing your face in clean water to ensure that all the residue from the cleanser has been fully removed. This will give your therapist a clean base to work on.

If you have dry skin that feels tight you can apply a touch of moisturiser over your face to soothe any discomfort before your treatment. This will also ensure that your parched skin doesn’t soak up too much product. However, don’t¬†apply a heavy amount of moisturiser over your face, or any other dry area of your body like your ankles and elbows, as this too acts as¬†a barrier to tanning solution.

Did you know that:

  1. Fake tan does the job of a good foundation for you?
  2. It covers up blemishes, camouflages spots and evens out a dull complexion.
  3. Plus, the golden effects last for up to a week!
  4. Why not¬†put your concealer and base aside for seven days to give your skin a break from the drying effects of make-up? You’ll cut your beauty routine in half!

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