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Do mobile tanning therapists need extractor fans?

2 Min Read Tuesday 29th January 2019

Extractor fans suck in overspray from tanning guns, guaranteeing a cleaner and fresher tanning experience for clients.

Powerful extractors are ideal for busy salons where back-to-back appointments are the norm and there’s little time to clean down and air out treatment rooms between customers. Portable versions are brilliant for mobile tanning therapists because they draw in stray particles of solution that would otherwise settle on surfaces and soft furnishings in client homes. Although it isn’t always necessary for mobile therapists to take an extractor along to appointments, it’s best practise to use one, especially if you arrive at your location and adequate ventilation (like an open window) isn’t available.

Lightweight, compact and easy to set up, mobile extractors siphon out the telltale biscuity smell of tanner and prevent clients from breathing in airborne tanning mist during their treatment. They’re perfect if your carrying out a series of appointments in a single location, for example at a spray tanning party, because you’ll be able to continue on with each session without worrying about cleaning up between clients. The extractor will draw out overspray that would ordinarily hang in the air, safeguard fabrics and floors and speed up your clean-up time once you’re done too.

Our Aura Mobile Spray Tan Extractor features a carry handle, making it easy to transport to mobile appointments. It’s unusual circular design looks glamorous, minimises the risk of trapped airflow and with a height of just 320mm, this dinky little extractor is super-slimline. Order yours here.

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