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Do I need to keep consultation cards?

2 Min Read Friday 31st May 2019

Consultation cards are super useful for helping you to keep a unique record of your client’s skin sensitivities, allergies and previous waxing treatments.

Each card has space for essential details, like a name, contact address and phone number etc, and a health questionnaire that sets out whether a client has any allergies/intolerances, is pregnant or taking medication that could affect the texture of their skin or has a condition like haemophilia, diabetes or epilepsy. Sienna X consultation cards also have a space for mentioning the presence of any vascular or skin disorders, bruises, cuts, piercings,¬†or scar tissue that might affect a client’s waxing treatment.

It’s vital that you organise a consultation with your client before their first session to highlight any contraindications.¬†It doesn’t have to take a long time and you could even ask them to arrive a few minutes early so they can fill a card in before they sit down for a chat with you. Make sure you update your records after every treatment with any new relevant information.

You must keep consultation cards and client records in a secure place for a minimum of 15 years to protect you in the rare event that any legal action is filed, and you mustn’t disclose your client’s personal information with any third party without your client’s permission. Even if your salon closes, you change its location or you go for a complete career change and give up waxing therapy you must retain these records to cover you in an insurance situation.

Clients are also entitled to have access to their records at any time so bear it in mind to keep all your notes strictly professional.

If you want to store your client records on a computer, which is often more convenient than keeping paper records, you will need to notify the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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