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Do I have to use a fake tan mitt?

2 Min Read Tuesday 22nd October 2019

A fake tan mitt isn’t a vital piece of kit for self-tanning at home but it is a useful addition that can help your tan look even and natural.

The textured surface of a tanning mitt is designed to absorb tanner and release it upon application to the skin. This means that just-enough product is released each time you glide it over your body. There’s little risk of applying too much tanner in once place and it’s far easier to buff the product into your skin so it looks seamless instead of streaky. Plus, because a mitt has a wide surface area you can cover large areas quickly. Here’s more on how to use a fake tanning mitt and how to keep your tanning mitt clean.

Using your bare hands to apply fake tan is possible too but this will stain your palms unless you can complete the process speedily and you’re super-quick at washing your hands afterwards.

Wearing a pair of gloves is a better idea because it protects your hands from becoming discoloured. Using your fingers can also be useful when you’re fake tanning your face because you have more control over your application and can blend the tanner in properly, much like you’d blend in a moisturiser.

The type of fake tan you use can also affect the application process. For example, a tanning mousse has a much looser texture than a gradual tanning lotion so it can be spread over the skin at speed. Tanning sprays, often used to top-up fading areas, like the hands and face, need little extra buffing in.

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