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7 clever tricks for tanning your back

4 Min Read Tuesday 10th January 2017

It’s inevitable that at least one time during your tanning routine no one will be around to do your back for you. But never fear – we’ve got you covered!

Here are seven clever tricks from our expert teams to make tanning your back a breeze when there’s no one around to lend you a hand:

Secure your tanning mitt to a long sturdy tool to give you an extra few centimetres of reaching power.

We totally understand how this trick may sound, but we promise it’s one of the best for ensuring that you have a perfectly tanned back!

Pop Sienna X Apply Luxury Self Tan Mitt over the end of a long sturdy tool such as a wooden spoon or a buffing brush with a long handle that you usually find in your shower.

Be sure that it’s securely attached with a bit of tape or rubber bands, add your tanning product and reach around to your back! You’ll be able to get a beautiful glow without overstretching.

Spread a very thin layer of tan on some clingfilm and use it to rub your back with.

Think of this trick in the same way you’d use a towel to dry yourself with after a lovely warm shower. Due to the texture of the clingfilm, the product will glide on, leaving you with a flawless finish.

What’s even better is that when you’ve finished, you can throw it all in the bin! Double win! 

Use a tanning mitt that has a big surface area.

While we’re on the subject of your tanning mitt, for a super easy application, opt for one that has a bigger surface area. 

This way, as you begin to blend your desired product into the harder to reach areas like your back, your mitt will help to do around half the work for you! 

Split your back up into four imaginary segments to avoid all that twisting. 

Turn tanning into a manageable task by taking your time and focusing on one area at a time by splitting your back up into four imaginary segments. We tend to recommend one per shoulder, and then two lower back.

Cover the top two-quarters of your back by reaching the opposite hand up and over your shoulders. For the lower back, position your hand on your lower back to cover the bottom left quarter and then switch hands to cover the right with your tan.

Loosen your tanner with a touch of moisturiser.

This trick may sound a little counterintuitive, however adding just a touch of unscented body moisturiser helps to loosen the tanner ever so slightly.

Thanks to the slightly looser formulation, you’ll find that your self-tanner will cover your back slightly easier while still providing you with a beautiful and streak-free finish.

Opt for a self-tan mist for easy back tanning.

It may not be one of your favourite ways to apply self-tan, but most mists come with a 360 nozzle to help create a wide spray, making your job so much easier! Sienna X Q10 Self Tan Mist is also packed with hydrated ingredients to care for your skin.

The application process is a walk in the park because you don’t need to blend the product into the skin. Become a glowing god or goddess in 3 easy steps: Aim, mist and leave to dry! What a win! 

Treat yourself to a professional spray tan once in a while to guarantee flawless coverage. 

For not much more than your favourite self-tan product (area dependant), why not treat yourself to a professional Sienna X spray tan?

Our therapists traditionally carry a range of shades to suit every skin tone, with the treatment only taking around 15 minutes, and you’ll have gorgeously golden skin that looks even all over and makes all your friends and family envious.

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