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Celebrity Tanspiration: 5 Celebs Who Always Look Flawlessly Tanned

3 Min Read Friday 6th February 2015

Whether they’re sunning themselves on a beach in the Maldives or getting papped picking up a carton of milk, there are some celebrities who always look perfectly bronzed. We’ve picked our 5 favourite celeb tan fans, so let’s see if you agree with our choices…

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Cheryl first shot to fame with Girls Aloud in 2002, and since then she’s rarely been seen looking anything other than absolutely flawless. Her fabulous hair, amazing eyelashes and tiny frame are the envy of women all over the world – and she also boasts one of the most-wanted tans around. With her dark eyes and olive skin tone, Cheryl can carry off a dark tan without it ever looking unnatural. Want to achieve this look yourself? Apply our Dark Glowing Self Tan the night before an event to guarantee a deep, rich colour that’s bound to turn heads.

Jennifer Aniston Everyone’s favourite ‘girl next door’ Jen has been known for her influential hairstlyes over the years, but for us her tan is always just as iconic. Whatever hairstyle she happens to be rocking, her warm undertones mean that she always suits a golden California tan. Now in her 40s,  Jennifer still looks amazing and clearly looks after her skin, so if you’re of a similar age then you’ll love our Q10 Bronzing Mousse. Not only will it leave you with a youthful glow like Jen, but the Q10 also has anti-ageing benefits and so is great for more mature skin.     

Emma Willis With her stunning features, cropped hair and laidback style, CBB host Emma flies the flag for natural beauties everywhere. Her naturally fair complexion looks even more beautiful when enhanced with a light tan, which she often gets at the hands of Sienna X’s ambassador James Harknett. If you want a professional spray tan to rival Emma’s then find your local Sienna X therapist using our Therapist Locator. They’ll be able to choose the right solution to suit your skin tone, leaving you looking as naturally dazzling as Emma. If you’re more of a DIY girl, then our Gradual Glowing Self Tan is perfect for building up a subtle colour.


Mollie King As one-fifth of The Saturdays, Mollie King’s always snapped attending award shows, photo shoots and glam parties – and she always looks beautifully bronzed doing so. A classic blue-eyed blonde, Mollie looks stunning with a medium tan. If you’re a social butterfly like Mollie, then you’ll love our wash-off Instant Bronzing Gel, which is perfect for last minute party invites. Add a slick of nude lipstick and a smoky eye, and you’ll have blonde bombshell status in no time.  

Michelle Keegan A far cry from her former Coronation Street alter-ego Tina, Michelle Keegan never fails to turn up the glamour at red carpet events. Even on her most casual day though, the  brunette beauty is always sporting a radiant, even glow. Maintaining a deep tan like Michelle’s is all about the right aftercare following your spray tan, so if you want to achieve this look everyday then be sure to keep your skin moisturised with our Radiance Body Balm. The subtle gold flecks will add an extra sheen to your skin, and keep it feeling as amazing as it looks.   Who’s your celebrity tanspiration? Let us know on Twitter!

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