Carly's Sienna X Photoshoot Set

1 Min Read Wednesday 13th July 2016

Yay! This week I got my hands on the images from a top celebrity shoot I did with dreamy and totally stunning Jennifer Metcalfe. How beauts does the Hollyoaks star look? We were working on a fitness and diet brand shoot and, as her make-up artist for the day, I had to make sure she looked glowey all over as well as giving a fresh, natural look to her face. Enter my Sienna X set kit, which I always have packed along side my make-up brushes and bags of products. Jen has an amazing figure and had a bit of base colour anyway, so I focused on swiping Sienna X Radiance Body Balm all over so she looked extra gorgeous and subtly luminescent in her swimsuit and yoga outfits. The shimmering particles in this hot hydrator caught the light as she posed like a pro, just what you need behind the scenes of a photoshoot. Here’s a sneaky peak of my favourite shots and the KitHits that are always by my side!

(Photo Credits; Lighter Life Fast / Lancton)

IMG_7706 IMG_7978 IMG_7977

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