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2 Min Read Tuesday 4th July 2017

1.Weekends? There’s no such thing as weekends. Or Bank Holidays. Your clients want to look glowy for their time off so the diary is always open to maximize tan time.

2. The tan tent pop up and down audience. Clients love to see that transformation from handy little carry bag to full sized bronzing station. Round of applause please.

3. Sticky feet. Actually very sticky. Clients are often surprised, even when you call them by their name as they step on and explain the aforementioned stickiness. Always be on hand to re-stick them.

4. Pricewars. ‚ÄòOh I know someone who is cheaper’. Right, well my response is always ‚ÄòI know someone who pays more.’ Of course clients want to drive a bargain, but all you need to do is show your service is worth investing in from the quality of Sienna X products, to the pre and post tricks to how relaxed and confident you make them feel.

5. Paper pants LOLs. They’re practical but also funny. A little laughter is the perfect start to a tan appointment.

6. Cool cap fashion. Ok not so cool, but a comment about how everyone will be rocking the protective hair caps is another aces way to put clients at ease.

7. The first spray scream. Ok well gasp in some cases. Yes, that initial spray is a little bit chilly, but spray quickly, efficiently and professionally and your client will quickly warm up especially if you spray the Sienna X way, back first to get clients used to the temperature and feel.

8. Being mistaken for a hoovering addict. The Sienna X tanning machines are the most effective and as quiet as possible on the market. But there is still that tell-tale hum. Put on a playlist to go alongside the tan machine, it also fills the sound gap once you’ve finished spraying and are doing post-tan finishing touches.

9. That tan line reveal moment. Love. It.

10. Instant confidence boosting skills. There is nothing like a client getting into you tent feeling self-conscious and pale, then stepping out just ten minutes later feeling super charged and super glowy. Beyond rewarding.




Carly Hobbs

Tanner / Make-up Artist / Hair Stylist / Beauty, Grooming, Fashion & Lifestyle Writer 

Author of SUPERMODEL TIPS (out now, Ebury Press) 

Brand Ambassador for SIENNA X TANNING 


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