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Can I wear perfume on the day of my spray tan?

2 Min Read Tuesday 17th January 2017

Perfume, deodorant and moisturiser*, create a thin barrier on the top surface of the skin that prevents fake tan from being absorbed properly. This results in an uneven or patchy finish, which is why spray tanning experts advise you to avoid these products on the day of your treatment.

  • Don’t spritz perfume onto your skin immediately after a spray tan either – the water in the perfume will dilute some of the fake tan solution, leaving behind lighter spots of colour on the skin. Wait until your guide colour has developed and you’ve washed your fake tan off in the shower before using perfume again to guarantee that your tan looks flawless.
  • Using deodorant after your spray tan has been washed off is fine too; in fact, it can help you to retain the golden colour around the underarm area by curbing your perspiration. Bear it in mind that your therapist will apply only the thinnest layer of solution to your underarms anyway to mimic the natural appearance of a suntan.
  • Moisturise your golden skin as often as you can to boost the lifespan of your tan, paying close attention to areas where the colour¬†tends to fade faster, such as the hands and feet. Frequent hand washing dries out the skin, causing a tan to fade quicker on the fingers – it’s perfectly normal for them to become¬†lighter much sooner than other areas, just as they would with a tan in the sun. However, moisturising can slow this process down and encourage an even fade off too.

*If your skin is particularly dry around the elbows, ankles and wrists your therapist might advise you to apply a touch of moisturiser to each¬†area prior to your treatment to prevent excess¬†tanner being absorbed by the skin. This process will ‘even up’ the dry patches with the rest of your skin so that an equal application of tanner results in an identical finish from head to toe.

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