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Can I use fake tan over sunburnt skin?

2 Min Read Friday 27th July 2018

Though it might be tempting to fake tan over mild sunburn to even out any redness we’d advise waiting until your skin has fully healed to get the most out of your colour.

We’ve all been there haven’t we? Spent a bit too much time in the sunshine, got home looking like a cherry lattice and panicked about how to fix it before work the next day. The thing is ‘colour correcting’ or ‘evening up’ paler strap marks and the bits where you’ve left your sunglasses on might seem like a clever idea but bear in mind that the colour will come off much quicker if your sunburned skin begins to peel. And because the skin often peels in uneven bits and pieces after sunburn, your tan will start to look patchy, which is the opposite of what you wanted to begin with.

Got severe sunburn? You must avoid fake tanning, or indeed any other form of skincare treatment, on broken, irritated or blistered skin to give it the proper time to heal and recover. Once your skin is better you can fake tan again as normal. Ensure you are keeping your sunburn moisturised in the meantime.

Protect your skin from the sunshine by wearing sunscreen and staying in the shade as much as possible on hot days. The safest way to tan is to ditch regular suntanning that can burn and damage your skin for a tan that comes from a bottle, which looks just as good, lasts just as long and safeguards your delicate skin from harmful UV rays. Click here to take a look at some of our award-winning fake tans! We’ve got mousses, mists, gradual tanners and more!

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