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Can I trial the Sienna X skincare range before buying?

2 Min Read Tuesday 24th March 2020

Our new capsule skincare range is definitely causing a stir in the beauty industry. Want to know what all the fuss is about?

Book a place on our Skincare Discovery Workshop Session to find out! This 2 hour class will give you comprehensive access to the entirety of the capsule range before you’ve made a single purchase. You’ll benefit from an overview of each product and get an opportunity to trial them on yourself or a fellow participant so you can experience their textures, fragrances and application techniques within an expert setting.

Priced at an affordable ¬£20 + VAT, this practical session is an invaluable way to get a real glimpse of the range before making an investment. You don’t need to bring anything along because we’ll provide it all for you on the day. Better yet, the affordable price also includes a goodie bag full of lots of freebies.

You can purchase the entire package at the end of the demonstration or pick and choose specific products that you feel would be the right fit for your salon. The Complete Professional Skincare Collection Kit Package, which can generate up to £381 in revenue, includes full sized items of the whole range as well as sample sachets, marketing materials and access to ongoing support from our team.

You can also order sample sachets individually if you’d like to trial them in the comfort of your own work space or offer them as complimentary gifts to your skincare clients. They provide an affordable way to try out each product before you take the plunge and order from the full sized range.

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