Can I tint my eyebrows at home?

2 Min Read Thursday 28th March 2019

Sure, you can tint your brows at home with an eyebrow tinting kit much in the same way as you might like to dye your hair from a box. The thing is, it’ll never be as good as a salon treatment and here’s why:

Custom-mixed tints

A professional salon will combine eyebrow tints to create a customised colour that suits your skin tone. They’ll have access to lots of shades so they can blend the best tone for your complexion and hair colour, unlike high street kits that contain a single uniform shade for everyone.

Stronger formulations

Salon tints are also stronger than at-home alternatives so they develop far quicker and lend the hair a longer-lasting colour, which looks richer and deeper. Brows look instantly thicker and fuller, especially around the front and tail end, which tend to have sparser growth than the arch and body of the eyebrows.

Professional application and products

An expert will tint every hair, know exactly how long to leave the product on to achieve the desired shade and have special tools on hand, like tint application brushes, to deliver precise coverage (far better than using a cotton bud at home!). Plus, they’ll protect the skin around your brows from getting stained and fully remove the residue of any leftover tint on your eyebrows to prevent them from continuing to darken further.

Shape and tint at one appointment!

If you’re going for an eyebrow shape at the salon anyway then following up with a quick tint is super-convenient and only takes an extra 5 minutes. You’ll leave the salon with perfectly groomed brows that look fuller, thicker and denser.

Isn’t it about time you tried a professional salon eyebrow tint?

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