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Can I skip the toner in a facial treatment?

2 Min Read Tuesday 7th April 2020

Toner removes impurities, such as makeup residue, pollution, dirt, grime and excess oil, from the surface of the skin.

When you’re giving a client a facial, toning is a vital step that shouldn’t be missed. Often, cleansing the face alone isn’t enough to fully remove grime on the face, which is why many facialists swear to the benefits of double cleansing – (once to dislodge impurities and once to eliminate them entirely).

Toning acts as that second cleanse or as a third supportive step to cleansing the face fully because it lifts off remaining dirt, stubborn makeup and remnants of cleanser too. It also closes the pores, preventing those additional products that are layered onto the skin later from clogging them up and triggering spots and blemishes.

Starting a facial with a properly cleansed face preps and primes it for all the other products you’ll be applying later down the line so we would never recommend skipping the toning stage.

The Toning Solution from our Skincare capsule range can be used as a second cleanse to remove excess dirt or as a spray that instantly refreshes and hydrates dry skin.

If you’re promoting it as a retail product to your clients, tell them that it’s a fantastic magic weapon for freshening up makeup too. All they need to do is blot away excess oil then spritz the toner over their skin to quickly revive foundation, blusher and bronzer that’s lost its lustre.

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