Can I add more tanner on top of an existing fake tan?


A professional spray tan can take up to a week to fully fade as your old skin cells flake away to reveal new ones beneath.

We’d advise waiting until your colour has completely faded away before stepping back in the booth to ensure even coverage and to give your new tan the best chance to last as long as possible.

However, that’s not to say you can’t top up an existing tan if you’ve got a special occasion or event coming up.

For example, you can even-up a tan that’s started to fade in patches with Q10 Tanning Tinted Mist. This handy aerosol is perfect for on-the-go top-ups and can be sprayed directly onto areas that have started to lose their glow. It develops in 4-8 hours and lends the skin a gorgeous sun-kissed finish. Just make sure to focus on the spots where your golden colour needs a pick-me-up and be careful not to over-do it on darker areas to cleverly¬†balance out your complexion.

You can also add a layer of radiance to a fading tan by applying Gradual Self Tan Lotion in the morning. This moisturising formula doesn’t need to be washed off like traditional tanners and develops over the course of the day. Even a single application can eke out your colour for a few more days and balance out an uneven fade off, courtesy of the gentle formula that lends the skin a mellow warmth.

Once your special event is over, allow your tan to fade away in full and exfoliate your skin a day before your next spray tan to create the perfect base for a new application of tanner.