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Can a spray tan help you look slimmer?

2 Min Read Monday 22nd August 2011

Look slimmer the easy way with a professional contouring spray tan.

Hitting the gym for an intense cardio workout will definitely shift those pounds but a spray tan can help fervent slimmers look a little more streamlined without the sweat.

Losing weight is a battle but if you don’t have the time or money to go on a detox programme that involves drinking wheat grass smoothies and taking early morning hikes, a spray tan could become your next best friend.

A cleverly applied spray tan can hide a multitude of sins and with the right contouring your bulgy bits could be a thing of the past. It’s easy to deceive the eye into believing that your waist has lost an inch, your upper arms have slimmed down and your thighs have shrunk with the addition of a few simple tanning booth tips.

The first stage is to get an all-round even tan that moisturises and rehydrates deep below the surface of your skin. Once this has been achieved, a trained spray tan specialist can strategically apply more product on certain areas to create the illusion of muscle tone and increase definition. You might want to focus on adding more colour on the triceps region between the elbow and shoulder or go for a slightly darker shade down the sides of your waist.

The best thing is that a customised spray tan in a specialist salon can be adapted to enhance the areas of your body that you like, such as your dainty decolletage and swan-like neck, and disguise problem areas that you’d rather forget were ever there. Although it’s not a long term solution to looking slimmer it is a great quick-fix to helping you feel confident about revealing your body on the beach. You’ll appear healthier and the radiant glow oozing from your sun-kissed skin will look gorgeous in combination with your holiday outfits. Exercise and healthy eating will always be the better option but until you manage to squeeze into a bikini a couple of dress sizes down, we advise faking it until you make it.

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