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Brilliant fake tans for bodybuilders

3 Min Read Tuesday 26th March 2019

Dumbbells, barbells and protein; the essentials to helping you beef up, strengthen your core and build some serious muscle. Now that you’ve maxed out on the weightlifting and eaten your weight in chicken breast it’s time to add the final touch to your bodybuilding journey –a muscle-defining fake tan¬†that will showcase that extra brawn to the limit.

Did you know that tanner highlights muscle tone, which instantly helps you to look leaner, stronger and fitter? In fact, the darker your tan, the greater it’ll define those powerful pecs, rock-hard abs and buns-of-steel glutes that you’ve spent hours building at the gym.

Learn more here and read on for three of the best Sienna X fake tans for bodybuilders:

Gradual tanner

Perfect for lending the skin a radiant all-over glow, Gradual Self Tan Lotion brightens the complexion and automatically draws the eye towards honed muscle tone. The subtle colour finish is ideal for building up an everyday sun-kissed tan that looks natural, adds a gentle warmth to your complexion and uplifts dull areas. Apply in the same way as a moisturiser and use as often as you like to create a customised glow.

High Intensity 1 Hour Tanner

If your strapped for time (or simply don’t like waiting all day to wash your tan off) then High Intensity 1 Hour Tanner¬†is the product for you. Formulated to create a long-lasting tan in a jiffy, this superhero tan will accentuate your muscles and emphasise your lean body fat percentage, adding stature to your powerhouse proportions with none of the extra leg work. Apply, wash off after an hour and allow your tan to develop as you get on with the rest of your day unhindered.

Deep Self Tan

Competition day? Now’s the time to go big or go home! A super rich tanner¬†will lend your skin a burnished glow and highlight the muscles across your chest, arms, abdomen and legs, giving you the edge over your competitors. This is the perfect moment to go a few points darker than your regular shade because the richer colour will really help to bring your muscles to the fore, emphasise striations and camouflage those stretch marks that often appear after a rapid increase in muscle mass. Apply in the same way as a regular fake tan, allow 8 hours for the colour to develop before showering and patting your skin dry. Follow up with a moisturiser to boost the lifespan of your glow.

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