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Bridal Spray Tanning Tips

4 Min Read Monday 1st August 2011

A natural-looking tan looks perfect against a white wedding dress and helps your skin to look healthy, glowing and flawless. While you could of course apply self-tan, most brides-to-be choose to have a professional spray tan for their wedding to guarantee a perfect finish. 

At Sienna X, we recommend having a bridal tanning trial a few weeks before the big day. Just as you have a hair and makeup trial to make sure you’re happy with your final look, so too should you try out your tan. 

Finding the perfect shade

Finding the right spray tan shade for you is a personal thing. And just like when you’re choosing a foundation, you’ll need to try a few shades to find exactly the tone that will suit you best.

There are a few spray tan solution shades to choose from, as well as our bespoke clear bridal tan. This means that whether you’re after a warm healthy glow or a deep, rich tan that would rival ten days in the sun, there’s a shade that perfectly suits you and your needs. At your tanning trial, you’ll be able to discuss what look you’re hoping to achieve, and your therapist can then suggest what is best for you.

Always be completely honest when assessing the results of your spray tan trial – it’s important that you are completely happy and comfortable with your spray tan results, so let your tanning therapist know if you’d like your tan darker or lighter. 

Browse through bridal magazines or online using things such as Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration, and if you find a model who has the type of tan you’re looking for then you can bring the picture along to your trial. 

Planning your time

Plan your final spray tan around other treatments for the best results on your wedding day. Manicures, pedicures, waxing, exfoliations and facials should all be carried out before your spray tan as they will remove your glowing colour. 

Discuss any beauty preparations with your therapist and they will create a personal bridal spray tanning package that could take you from two or three months before your wedding right up to your final fitting. It’s also important to work out how long before the wedding you would like your spray tan. 

As part of your trial, once you’ve had your tan, make a mental or written note on which day you liked the colour of the tan best. For example, if you like the colour best on Day Two and you’re getting married on a Saturday, you’ll know to book your tan on the Thursday before your wedding.

Tanning your bridal party 

As any bride-to-be will know, it’s important to keep your bridal party happy too. Why not throw a spray tanning wedding party for your bridesmaids and mother of the bride? 

The hen party could be the perfect trial run for all of your tans, and then can be repeated before the big day. Talk to your therapist about arranging a party at home.

And don’t forget the groom‚Ķ

Although they might deny it, we all know that the boys secretly enjoy a bit of pampering – and the number of grooms getting bronzed before the big day is growing rapidly!

Grooms will also want to look their very best on their wedding day, so why not book your other half in for a spray tan too? He’ll not only feel more confident, but he’ll also look much healthier in those all-important wedding photos!

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