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Boosting your waxing profile through word of mouth

2 Min Read Friday 17th February 2017

Waxing is a tricky beauty treatment to promote — potential clients¬†worry¬†about feeling embarrassed, fear¬†that waxing will hurt too much and have anxieties about revealing their intimate body hair to a stranger.

This is where word of mouth works wonders. Recommendations from friends are the perfect promotional tool because friends can talk to each other freely about embarrassing treatments, like Brazilian waxing, and remove common fears while simultaneously endorsing your business.

And there’s only one way to¬†boost word of mouth: offer the very best service. Here’s how to up your game and bolster your reputation:

  1. Be a friendly host by welcoming every client at the door. Customers left unattended can feel undervalued so have someone available to speak to them on their arrival.
  2. Offer incentives to clients that¬†recommend your salon to their friends — a free eyebrow shape or an extra stamp on their loyalty card might encourage them to speak highly of your services to others and won’t impinge on your profits.
  3. Dress immaculately and introduce a uniform for your staff. Looking the part creates a professional atmosphere and encourages your clients to feel safe in your hands.
  4. Remember the small details — did your client talk about going on a holiday at their last treatment? Bring it up again and ask them how their travels were. Picking up on details like this will ensure your clients feel important.
  5. Combine high quality products to create a pampering treatment. Applying a soothing oil to the skin after every wax will give your treatments a luxurious feel. Be generous with aftercare lotions and take the time to smooth them onto the skin so that it feels like an indulgent extension of each session. Clients that leave your salon feeling like a million bucks will rave about your services to their friends.

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