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Boost your mood with a spray tan

2 Min Read Monday 10th October 2011

Feel confident with your skin this season.

Don’t be disheartened by the darker days.

If you felt uplifted and re-energised by this year’s surprising Indian summer remember that those positive vibes don’t have to come to an abrupt end just because the temperature dial has dropped a few degrees!  Even though the sun has hidden itself away behind a wall of rain clouds you can rest assured that your skin will look tanned, moisturised and healthy with a professional spray tan treatment.

Just one session is enough to bring a natural-looking tan to your skin, hydrate dry areas like the elbows and create an all-over glowing sheen to your whole body. Nothing is as fast as a top-to-toe sunless tanning treatment in a professional salon so if you’re strapped for time and want to make sure your skin is ready for anything book yourself in today.

Many beauticians favour late opening times on certain days of the week, which means you can head on over straight after work if you’ve got half an hour to spare – the spray takes just 10 minutes to apply to all areas and the quick-dry formula means you should be able to drive back home once the product has been absorbed. Just be careful to bring a change of loose clothing if you’ve been wearing a close fitting outfit at the office. This will stop you from accidentally marking the skin and ruining your expensive work clothes. Within a few hours the tan will have developed and become deeper so try to steer clear of the shower for as long as possible after your treatment.

Book a sunless tanning session today and make sure that the darker evenings don’t hamper your confidence!

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