Avoiding Common Tanning Mishaps this Summer

3 Min Read Wednesday 14th June 2023

We’re here to spill the beans on the most common issues we’ve encountered and share our expert solutions with you. So, let’s dive in and tackle these tanning hiccups head-on!

Keeping sweat at bay:

Before starting a spray tanning session, it’s crucial to ensure your clients are as sweat-free as possible. Creating a designated cool treatment area can help reduce sweating, and keeping your tanning solution cool will provide a refreshing experience for your clients. If your client gets hot during the treatment use the tanning hose to dry the tan after each section. If sweating occurs during the tan use your Sienna X Buffing Mitt to gently buff the skin. Post-treatment we also recommend advising them to avoid activities that may cause excessive perspiration and to remain in a cool environment. Consider using our Express 1hr+ Solution, it can develop in little as 1 hour, which will minimise the risk of sweat interfering with the tan results.

Underarm protection:

Make sure to notify your clients beforehand to remove all perfume and deodorants, as this can interfere with tan development, particularly in the underarm region. Encourage them to wait until after they’ve showered post-tan to apply deodorant. Use the Sienna X Exfoliating Spritz to remove any remaining signs that may be left on the skin. To offer added protection against sweat without compromising the tan, consider offering a spray of Sienna X Skin Guard.

Say no to burnt skin:

We strongly advise against spray tanning on sunburnt skin. It tends to be dry and prone to peeling, resulting in uneven and streaky spray tan results. Reschedule the session once your client’s skin has fully healed.

Don’t panic when you see green:

During the summer, green underarms can be a common issue due to unavoidable sweating. Oils and residual deodorant can accumulate, causing a greenish tint. If you’ve taken the necessary precautions to ensure your client is sweat and deodorant-free before the session and there’s still a slight hue of green on the skin, don’t worry, the tan will still develop normally and will disappear upon washing the guide colour off. This is very rare though.

Holiday tans:

If your client is off on their travels it’s important to inform your clients that chlorine can break down the tan and accelerate fading. To prolong the life of their tan, recommend regular moisturising.

By following these top tips, you’ll establish yourself as the go-to summer spray tan expert and ensure repeat clients and recommendations.

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