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Are waxing loyalty cards worth it?

2 Min Read Monday 30th December 2019

Sometimes the small stuff matters when it comes to building a prosperous and popular business. Even the simple loyalty card can play a huge part in shaping the character and position of your enterprise. Here are 3 reasons why waxing loyalty cards are worth investing in:

Project a professional profile

Branded loyalty cards lend a polished and established feel to even the smallest of mobile waxing salons. They can instantly make your business appear rooted and practised rather than a fledgling. And the very best bit is that Sienna X loyalty cards, featuring a professional, branded image on the cover, come in affordable packs of 25 so they won’t break the bank.

Encourage customer retention

The potential reward of a free waxing treatment is often more than enough to encourage clients to continue booking in for an appointment month after month. Once they’ve paid for a series of waxing treatments and have only a few empty spaces left on their card, they’re likely to stick with you so they can benefit from the perks and rewards of being a longstanding client. Loyalty cards are a brilliant tool for hooking in and keeping customers.

Reward longstanding customers

Alongside attracting and retaining new clients with the promise of a free treatment, you’ll also want to keep your current reliable customer base happy. With new businesses opening up every day, you need to offer something that sets you apart from the competition.

Why not create personalised loyalty cards for those clients who you know well? Or offer them a new treatment they haven’t tried before to encourage them to book in again at full price at a later date?

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