Are brow gels worth the money?

2 Min Read Monday 18th November 2019

Brow gels set your eyebrow hairs in place for the entire day so they look groomed, structured and neat.

If you’re someone who spends lots of time shaping their brows, filling in gaps with pencil or drawing in fine hair strokes with eyebrow pomade, then brow gels are the perfect addition to your make up kit and definitely worth investing in.

Most eyebrow setting gels (or brow fixing serums) are transparent so you can’t see them once they’ve been applied.¬†The clear serum coats the hairs and fixes them in position so they look pristine all day long. Plus, you only need to use a tiny amount per application so a single tube lasts for a considerable amount of time.

How to use eyebrow setting gel

Once you’ve finessed your brow shape and drawn in any missing bits, comb through your eyebrows with a spoolie to lend them some lifted texture. Then sweep the gel across your hairs to set them in place. Follow the natural growth pattern of your hairs by brushing them upwards and then out towards the tail end of each brow. The gel will dry quickly and you won’t need to touch your brows again until the evening when it’s time to remove your make up and cleanse your face as normal.

Sienna X brow fixing serum comes with an eyebrow pencil at one end so you can draw on and set your brows with a single slimline product. Available in a trio of colours, warm brunette, dark brunette and natural black, this brilliant pencil features a tip that’s fine enough to draw on tapered hair strokes that look natural and blend in to your existing shape.

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