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An A-Z of Sienna X tanning solutions

2 Min Read Tuesday 28th May 2019

Here’s a quick rundown of all the tanning solutions we offer so you can select the best options for your tanning salon:

Clear Spray Tan Solution

This 100% transparent solution sprays on clear, eliminating the risk of colour transfer. It’s brilliant for brides and develops in the same way as a regular tanner that includes a guide colour.

Touche de Soleil 6% Spray Tan Solution

Lending the skin the subtlest of glows, this 6% solution is ideal for first-time clients and customers who want to add some warmth to their skin tone without overpowering natural features like their freckles. It’s a fab taster tan and is also useful for gently brightening the skin over the winter months.

1 Hour Spray Tan Solution

Combining advanced tan intensifiers, this turbo-charged solution is ready to wash off in just 60 minutes and develops over the next 2-4 hours, making it one of the fastest professional tans on the market. It’s brilliant for last-minute walk ins and for clients who don’t want to sit around in tanner all day.

8% – 16% Spray Tan Solution

The higher the percentage of DHA, the richer the tan.

  • 8-10% is perfect for pale to very light brown skin tones with freckles
  • 12% and above is ideal for olive, dark brown and black skin tones

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