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Advice on spray tanning for fair skin

2 Min Read Wednesday 25th May 2011

Expert advice on spray tanning for fairer skin types.

We answer all your questions on spray tanning for pale skin types.

If you have pale skin you might be apprehensive about trying a spray tanning treatment, but there is no need to worry! The experts at Sienna X know just how to apply the right amount of colour to build a subtle and even tan on even the palest skin.

Your professional spray tanning therapist will select a spray tan formula that has been specially created for fairer skin and the application will be carefully judged in order to get a natural looking tan. There is no one-size-fits-all method when it comes to spray tanning – your spray tan will be matched to your personal skin tone.

The depth of colour when spray tanning depends entirely on the levels of DHA in the formula. This can range from 8 per cent to up to 16 per cent and your tanning technician will choose a solution depending on your skin tone and overall desired effect.

Our Sienna X Pro Tan Solution has 8 per cent DHA, which ensures that it has lower levels of active tanning ingredient in order to suit fairer skin. It is also enriched with a yummy selection of natural ingredients such as green tea, rosehip, aloe vera gel, Oregon grape root and suma to deliver intense moisturisation.

After you have had your spray tan applied, don’t be alarmed by the initial colour as this will simply be the guide. After the development time is complete you can shower this colour off to reveal your true, natural tan.

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