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Advice for mobile tanning start ups

3 Min Read Friday 30th June 2017

Thinking of expanding your business to include mobile tanning? Or starting from scratch and haven’t got the foggiest on where¬†to begin? Here are some¬†simple tips to¬†consider before making your decision:

Scope the market

If your mobile business will be an add-on to your existing beauty salon you’ll already have plenty of potential clients on hand to act as a focus group. Before taking the leap, ask questions and do as much research as possible to figure out if there’s a local market for your services. Would clients prefer evening sessions at home, group tans, treatments for special occasions or expert therapies like contoured tanning? Would you have any local competition?

Kit up

What equipment and qualifications do you need to start a tanning business anyway? Purchase our Professional Kit Package¬†to get¬†the ball rolling instantly. Everything you need, from solution and a pop up cubicle to appointment cards and a spray gun, is in there because we’ve done all the research for you. Plus it includes a¬†Level 1 tanning course for beginners¬†where you’ll learn how to carry out the perfect spray tan from seasoned experts.

Consider your costs

Yes, your kit and solution will be your main outlay and though you won’t have any traditional overheads, like rent and utility bills, you will need to consider other costs e.g. fuel, car insurance, marketing and business insurance. Factor all of these items into your plans and remember some of these costs can be deducted as allowable expenses when you fill out your self-employment tax return.

Be flexible

Being a mobile tanning therapist means you won’t have the luxury of oodles of space and special fixtures. You might¬†have to carry out your job in a tight space, an unusual venue or faraway location. Your flexibility will give you the edge over traditional salons so be prepared for anything.

Remain professional

As soon as you step through your client’s door you’re on the job. Even though there might be a party atmosphere, for example during a group tanning session, you need to act professionally at all times. Politely decline¬†any alcoholic beverages at these parties but remain friendly and fun to keep the atmosphere light and enjoyable because…

Word of mouth counts

Recommendations matter, especially when you haven’t got a concrete location to work from. Go the extra mile to make your clients feel comfortable and happy with their treatments and they will tell their friends all about you.

Mobile tanning is a lucrative venture that has heaps of flexibility and scope. What are you waiting for?

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