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A review of our eXtremely natural self tan

3 Min Read Thursday 20th October 2011

Fake tan – don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it.

Can the key to looking sun kissed and healthy be found in a bottle?

We’ve got some reviews of our prized product this week! Luckily we didn’t have to twist anyone’s arm to try our eXtremely natural self tan; they were all keen to add a touch of summer to these darker October days where sporting a cardigan and a scarf is soon to become an essential.

All of our reviewers exfoliated their body with eXquisitely soft body polish at least a day before applying their fake tan sample – this scrubs away the dead skin cells and creates the perfect base for the tanning ingredients to work their magic on. We also advised them to shave or wax at this point if they needed to; shaving after the guide colour has set could cause some of it to come off resulting in an uneven result.

Moisturising beforehand with our eXceptional radiance moisturising balm was recommended too. Containing coconut oil to hydrate dry skin and vitamin E to protect against premature ageing, this balm is perfect for the elbows and knees or any part of the body that feels like it needs a hint of extra moisture.

Here are some of the findings of our panel:

Easy to correct mistakes. The lotion absorbs into the skin very gently and if too much is spread on one area by accident it can be taken off quickly or rubbed in and dispersed over the body.

One reviewer was very impressed with the product and how simple it was to use: “It was really easy to apply and it didn’t have that ‘biscuity’ smell that other fake tans have. I’ve used tanning mousse from other brands before and they dry so quickly that you don’t have a chance to rub them in. With [eXtremely natural self tan] I could rub the lotion in properly, which meant I wasn’t left with streaky marks.”

Natural colour. After just 8 hours the lotion was washed off and patted dry leaving behind a natural-looking, flawless result, which is the ultimate test of a quality fake tan product. This makes it perfect for people with paler skin who want to add an extra glow rather than a deep finish. However, supplementary applications can be layered on to make the tan slightly darker if desired.

Luxurious smell. The lotion had a fresh scent, giving it an extra edge over other fake tan brands that smell of chemicals. Winner of the ‘best scented tan’ by Heat magazine, eXtremely natural self tan is definitely a cut above the rest when it comes to protecting the olfactory from nasty smells.

What was the final verdict? For a fake tan that’s easy to apply, smells delicious and looks amazing, eXtremely natural self tan is the one product that should always have a place in the bathroom cabinet!

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