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7 of the best leg waxing tips

2 Min Read Thursday 14th March 2019

The #1 tip for achieving the best leg wax is to relax. Tensing up will only make you feel uncomfortable and you’ll be anxiously counting down the minutes until you’re done. The real truth? Leg waxing doesn’t hurt that much — you’re not going near any intimate areas where there’s extra sensitivity and if you’re doing it yourself you’ll always be in control. Here are 7 more leg waxing tips to get you started:

  1. Dry skin can reduce the effectiveness of wax. Apply a touch of oil to particularly parched spots, such as the knees, to encourage your wax to shrink wrap around your hairs rather than be soaked up by your thirsty skin.
  2. Trim long hairs to about half and inch to make it easier to apply your wax. It can be painful to drag wax across overgrowth, especially on the bikini line at the very top of your legs.
  3. Heat your wax to the correct temperature to make it easier to spread. Wax that’s cooled down will be far too thick to spread over the skin evenly and will cause discomfort. Plus, you’ll end up wasting lots by using so much extra.
  4. Check which way your hair is growing and apply your wax in the same direction. Apply your strip firmly and pull it off in the opposite direction. Hair around your thighs won’t always be growing downwards; it’s likely that your hair grows across, rather than down towards your feet, on the inner thigh area.
  5. Hold your skin taut (especially around the thighs) before removing your wax strip to reduce discomfort. Bending your knees before you wax them will also help you to pull every hair out from the root.
  6. Wax in a place where there’s lots of light so you can see which bits you’ve missed. A mirror is brilliant for allowing you to get a glimpse of the backs of your legs and all the way around your ankles.
  7. Don’t throw your wax strip away after a single use. You can use the same strip 3 to 4 times during a single treatment and make a saving.

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