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6 tips for self tanning the face

2 Min Read Thursday 26th May 2016

Need some extra guidance on how to fake tan your face? Follow our simple tips to create a gorgeously golden complexion that looks flawlessly tanned:

  1. Pull your hair back in a bobble or use a headband to keep your fringe away from your face. When you apply your tanner you’ll need to go right up to the hairline (as well as round the ears and the back of the neck) to create a seamless√Ǭ†finish. Putting your hair in a high ponytail will ensure you have access to every area.
  2. Cleanse your face to remove all make-up and dry it well (excess water can reduce the effectiveness of sunless tanner).
  3. Moisturise your face, neck and decolletage before you begin your treatment. Dry skin tends to absorb more fake tan than moisturised areas so you must use a face cream or lotion beforehand to prep your skin and reduce the risk of blotchy patches.
  4. You might also want to apply a touch of petroleum jelly to your eyebrows to prevent the colour from staining your hairs. Click here for more tips on fake tanning around the eyebrows and hairline.
  5. Pop on some latex gloves and dispense a small amount of tanner into your palm. In fact, if you’ve already tanned your body you’ll probably have enough residual product on your gloves to use on your face. Remember that even a scant amount of√Ǭ†tanner will go a long way and you can always add more later√Ǭ†if you’d like to go darker with your colour.
  6. Rub the tanner onto your face in gentle movements blending outwards, much like you would use a moisturiser. Continue to blend in the product to guarantee an even finish and take the colour round the ears and neck to make your tan look as natural and subtle as possible.

And that’s it! You’re all done! Try not to touch your face until your tan has fully dried and developed and then wash off the product with a mild cleanser, like Balance Body Wash.

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