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5 ways to promote Spring spray tans

2 Min Read Friday 7th April 2017

Therapists often notice an uptick in their sales at this time of year as the sunshine finally makes its entrance and the anticipation of the Summer season arrives.

Here’s how to promote your tanning treatments this Spring:

  1. Use posters like these to promote tanning for Spring weddings, end-of-year proms and beach holidays on your shop window. Leave leaflets and cards at local wedding boutiques, florists and bridal stores to net some new clients. In fact, why not offer their employees a free tan so they can recommend your services to others?

  2. Remind clients that they don’t need to go for a full-on tan at this time of year via¬†promotional emails and texts. Lighter tans are perfect for balancing out an uneven complexion. Plus, subtle fake tans add¬†a gentle glow to the skin that complements natural features, like freckles and laughter lines, without¬†overpowering them. These lighter options are ideal for redheads, clients with sensitive skin types and those with paler skin tones.

  3. Use your social media platforms to promote your latest offers and seasonal deals. Remember, Easter ¬†is just around the corner and you’ve got the perfect treatment to add radiance and warmth to the skin in time for the four-day-weekend. A sun-kissed spray tan will give clients a head start on achieving a gorgeous glow so they can feel body confident from day one of their vacation.

  4. Mobile therapist? Network with local beauticians, manicurists and massage therapists. They’ll be happy to encourage their clients to try your services if you do the same for them. Hand out their¬†business cards to your clients to create a mutually beneficent business relationship.

  5. Give staff free tans. Your employees are walking advertisements for your spray tanning service, so allow them to top-up their tans regularly.

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