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5 USPs to make you switch to Sienna X tanning solutions today

2 Min Read Tuesday 25th February 2020

Making the switch to Sienna X won’t be a difficult choice after you’ve read the top five unique selling points of our award-winning solutions:

Flawless application

The boffins at Sienna X headquarters discovered the secret to delivering an even, flawless, radiant spray tan many moons ago and have since incorporated this classified intel into every tanning solution, lotion, spray and mousse in our range. Switch to Sienna X and every tan you deliver will exude radiance because we’ve got a lock on immaculate application.

Long-lasting glow

A Sienna X spray tan can last beyond a week with daily moisturising! Each long-lasting glow brightens the skin, hides blemishes, counteracts hyper pigmentation and fades off slowly and evenly once it’s done it job — what more could your clients want than a tan that lends their skin a radiant finish that lasts longer than other alternatives? They get more bang for their buck and you get longstanding customers who are guaranteed to return.

Extensive range of solutions

We stock everything from the subtlest tanning solutions for English rose complexions to full-on super-rich tans for darker skin tones. There’s genuinely a shade for every client! Beyond that, our guideless tanner is perfect for blushing brides (the clear solution eliminates the risk of staining garments) and our fast-acting tanner is just the ticket for last-minute clients who need a golden glow pronto.

Outstanding training and support

Did you know our Starter Professional Spray Tan Kit includes a discounted Level One training course? Designed to teach you everything you need to start spray tanning professionally, this practical accredited spray tan course will clue you up on our entire range of tanning solutions so you’re 100% up to speed on how to apply them.

Next day delivery

Order before 1pm and you’ll receive your tanning solutions the next working day! We pride ourselves on our ultra-fast delivery rate and our clients benefit from the peace of mind that someone has always got their back when it comes to last-minute orders, rejigs and returns.

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